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3 in 1 Chanukiah/Shabbat Candleticks/Candleabra / 'Menokiah' by Mi Polin


MENOKIAH was designed by Helena Czernek – a MI POLIN co-founder. The story: I wanted to have something unique – not just any object, without a message. As a designer, I decided to combine my skills with my actual needs to create an object that I would like to use myself. I hit upon the idea of creating MENOKIAH to emphasize my attitude towards Judaism and to express the beauty of Judaism

MENOKIAH is the only Chanukiah in the World designed in a way that allows you to combine as many as three Jewish candelabra! MENOKIAH combines a twofold Shabbat candelabrum and a sevenfold Menorah. When you put them together, they will form a ninefold candelabrum for Chanukah.
Create a MENOKIAH by yourself!

Made from Cermic, 24K Gold

Measures11 inches/28cm