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Established in 1951 in New Mexico, in the 1950's during Modernism's mid-century design movement, Nambe's first timeless pieces were handcrafted in a small village north of Santa Fe called Nambe.


It was then that Nambe's passion for exceptional design had begun. The inspiration: the discovery of their proprietary alloy. Over the years, this vested passion has become their philosophy. Every piece crafted must have an undeniable beauty, artistic integrity, uncompromising quality, and function beyond compare.


Today, creating their signature metal pieces involves the hands of as many as 15 craftsmen, who use traditional foundry techniques that can be traced as far back a 200 BC. One-time use moulds are created by compressing fine silica sand around a pattern. The alloy is heated to approximately 1300 degrees F. and hand-ladled into the mould.  A system of "gates and risers" allows the molten metal to flow into the mold and provides for the air to escape.


Once cooled, the castings are extracted from the mold, the gates and risers are trimmed and recycled, and the meticulous polishing process begins. Each piece is held against a wheel by hand to be shaped, ground, coarse-polished, and ultimately polished to a high luster. Every item passes through a rigorous quality-control inspection before it is engraved with its item number, designer, date of release, and finally, the Nambé name.


It is then that they have transformed this curious metal into an object of functional beauty, sure to be passed down from generation to generation.



Todd Myers:  A sculptor at heart, Myers is consumed with form, and his designs are definitely "hands-on." Myers approaches design through an intense immersion on how an object should speak to the observer and user through form, materiality, and functionality.

Marilyn Davidson:  Her work as an internationally recognized artist and designer includes sculpture and design for the home. She taught design at Syracuse University and as a visiting lecturer in England and Italy. Numerous international exhibitions of her work have been held in New York, Germany, England, Yugoslavia, Australia, and Mexico, and her work has been represented and and reviewed in Interior Design Magazine, The New York Art Review, and Arts Magazine.










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