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Laura Cowan

Born in Manchester, England, Laura completed her silversmith training at London's Guildhall University, before making Alyiah to Israel in 1996 where she now lives with her family and artist studio.


Laura creates unique and original pieces many of which have been inspired by the 1960’s mission to land a man on the moon.


“My recent work is based on a rocket shape. I was inspired by the Sixties mission to land a man on the moon. Although this was achieved even before I was born, I was fascinated by the hype and excitement generated by the race to the moon. I also loved the irony of a futuristic design based on what is now history.”  


In 2008 The American Astronaut Greg Chamitoff took two of Laura’s creations, the Apollo Mezuzah and The Shuttle Mezuzah to the International Space Station. RTV, the Russian television network in Israel filmed a piece on the innovative Judaica being created in the studio.


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