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Welcome to Contemporary Judaica's Blog


Our motto is Meaningful Art for your Jewish Home.


We handpick each piece based on its beauty, function and overall aesthetic quality.


We believe that Judaica should be works of art displayed in your home all the year around and not dusted off for the festivals.


This concept is know as Hiddur Mitzvah.

By Danya Kay, Feb 20 2018 12:32PM

13 year old boys are probably the hardest category of age to buy for. We know a 3 year old will love a toy car, a 7 year old will probably go wild for a water pistol and a 10 year old will be Lego all the way. But 13 year olds are another whole ball game. I know in the eyes of the Jewish law they are seen as adults, but who are we kidding? Below I have tried to compile a list of suitable presents that may be appreciated by the said man/boy.

Some common ideas are watches, radios, phones or money. However, the 5 top Judaica gifts are probably the lasting ones they will appreciate when they reach 30!

1) The Talit – There are so many beautiful ones out there, ranging in size and colour. They come with a Tallit bag and matching Kippot which makes a perfect gift. Often this will be the first time they will wear one, which, makes it extra special too.

2) The Chanukiah – A Perfect Bar Mitzvah present. It’s unlikely a Bar Mitzvah boy will own his own Chanukiah, so this is a really grown up present, which will hopefully be packed off to University with him!

3) A Kiddush cup – These are a great gift as they can be engraved with the name and date of the Bar Mitzvah boy. They also really range in price so can suit any budget.

4) A Mezuzot – A special Mezuzot could replace the one on their bedroom door or be kept for the future, always a reminder of their special day.

5) A Yad – Not every boy gets to read his Bar Mitzvah portion using his own Yad. A unique and special present.

By Danya Kay, Feb 12 2018 10:42AM

Who doesn’t love a Wedding? Especially a Big Jewish Wedding. What to buy the happy couple to celebrate this Life changing moment as two lives are joined is always the question I am posed. I have compiled a list of my top 5 ideas for a newly Wed Jewish couple.

Number 1) It’s got to be the beautiful Shabbat Candlesticks. Every new bride imagines her Shabbat in her home with her new family. Whether you go for the modern white clean set or the more traditional is a personal choice, but this is a “Must have” for a Jewish home.

Number 2) The Kiddush Cup. To make this even more special it could be engraved with the date of the couples wedding. A dated Kiddush Cup would surely make you one of the most thoughtful wedding guests!

Number 3) Obviously the Challah board and Challah knife complete the set. Having a knife which is set aside for Shabbat creates the whole spiritual feeling of specialness.

Number 4) A Chanukiah is always a good choice. There are some stunning ones out there so it’s worth shopping around. We think of a Chanukiah coming out for 8 nights a year, in reality they are so beautiful they can be on display in your house all year round. Meaningful art for your home.

Finally, number 5) A Seder plate. It’s unlikely newlyweds will own one so it’s a safe bet. What I love most about this is the sentiment of knowing they will have a Seder at their home. One of my favourite festivals and hosting one is what proper married couples do!

At Contemporary Judaica we can organise a Wedding Gift list, just follow the link below to have a look.

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